It’s amazing how things turned out. Welcome to This New General Site

how_to_cover_newsFinally it’s over! After finishing the migration process, now I’m back online with this, your favorite personal blog, ready to start bringing the most amazing and awesome stories from all around the globe.

Yeah, as you know, I like to discover interesing information in other languages and put it here so you can enjoy it in English. How about that for going the extra mile?

Right now I’m working on another awesome article, so for now, please read this:

just over four years ago, I had the opportunity to take a course in which attendees had different roles, from human resources, marketing, legal, even teachers. During breaks they talked a little of everything and I was beginning to job interviews, I was very interested to know how you had to conduct an interview, how to dress tricks, etc. So ask them to people who work in human resources, and one of the questions I most impact, the response I got was this:

When you investigate hiring ┬┐profile having that person in social networks or carry your name on Google?

cartoon_reporterThe answer was “NO”, remember this was four years ago when having a blog was geeks and twitter, Facebook or Tuenti was not as extensive as at present, but I still very surprised, because they had their reaches a database on the profile of very powerful candidate who did not use.

Today this does not happen, the first thing you do when receiving a resume is to write the name in Google and see what comes out, investigate two or three pages and then go to Twitter, Facebook, Tuenti, Youtube … all with in order to be able to take a more realistic picture than is offered in 30 minutes that can last a job interview.

That’s why a personal blog can help a lot to “control” the results offered in Google when searching by name, and thou shalt go writing posts (articles) in this blog, which will gradually saturating the first pages of search engines, also if these tickets are good or have known viralizarlas, other blogs may talk about you, encouraging early results on your name or blog are very positive.

Bring out your personal brand: people will know who you are, about what you write and what you do. But remember, to promote brand well a person must give two characteristics: You have to work much, and you have to project this work to others, there are many people who do not work (at work) and project a professional image, so they are offering something that is not, and there are many people who work a lot but do not project anything his image, so they are missing a big opportunity to promote your personal brand.

Improve your networking: When writing and viralizar your content, you will create a community around your content, and many of these contacts will offer many interesting options, collaboration, advice, guest blogging …

It helps you improve yourself: Having to write an article on the blog, at least once a week, it is something that forces you to have to write a quality article, document yourself about it, look for references and be able to capture all your knowledge and experience in an article you know attract and capture the attention of users, and it’s complicated and you can only learn by doing. On this issue there is a very good article that I recommend: Stop reading and go write

Get feedback: When sharing your experience and opinion, many users also discussed their experience or as they raised a similar factual situation and will provide new knowledge.

These are some of the advantages of having a blog. If you do not already have a personal blog, I encourage you to start as soon as possible, little by little, for never before been this easy reach so many people, so economically. But especially if you’re starting a blog, have the idea that you will enjoy doing what you do, and you do it for sharing your knowledge.

Have a happy blog.